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17: Nick Floyd – Cross Church, Northwest AR

17: Nick Floyd – Cross Church, Northwest AR

Breakthrough ideas in this episode: 

  • It is essential to stop and recount the faithfulness of God. Keep memorials in front of yourself and your people to mark how God has moved.
  • What are the characteristics of a church built on dynamic worship and strong biblical teaching look?
  • You cannot reach your community until you know your community.
  • First, understand the culture you are called to reach, and then be intentional in how you lead them in, and toward, the gospel.
  • What are the front door events within your church that engage those in your community who wouldn’t naturally attend on a Sunday morning?
  • What is the difference in being a college church versus being a church with an active ministry to college students?
  • Being a church for every generation means being wise and intentional with everything you do… from how you worship to how you dress.
  • What is your standard of excellence in reaching people? Does this standard affect everything – even how you dress?
  • How do you steward and strengthen standards of excellence within the culture of your church?
  • Young leaders can reach older generations in a professional culture, as well as build confidence, by being intentional in small ways, even down to how they dress.
  • Your building only limits your ability to reach people in the ways that you allow it to. Thinking beyond the box is a critical skill.
  • Constantly, identifying and developing new leaders is the key to maintaining healthy systems and sustaining growth.
  • Leverage natural moments of connection, like Christmas and Easter, to recruit and engage new people in serving.
  • Volunteer leaders who are invested help recruit new volunteer leaders. Sold out leaders call out leaders.
  • To grow people and to grow a church, the staff must have the heart to raise and enlist others to do ministry, not just do it all themselves.
  • Continually re-establish the culture of development among your staff. You cannot rest on past recruiting success, even for a week.
  • Great people developers are leaders who are always with people. It’s not that hard.
  • When you are with people and have the heart to serve people, development and impact happen.
  • Numbers aren’t everything, but they do provide insight to the health and growth of a church.
  • The misuse of numbers in the past often causes church leadership today to run from healthy, and even Godly, ways to connect and keep up with people.
  • Keeping track of numbers, especially baptisms, helps keep track of the effectiveness of your mission.
  • Numbers do not tell the whole story, but they do provide a snapshot of the health of your church because disciple-making is a multiplicative action.
  • Do not be afraid to set goals around things that seem to be only a work of the Holy Spirit, because God will work through your intentional leadership. Healthy goals act as a reminder to lead and serve people well.
  • Campus pastors will be continually jolted with the shock that they are not the senior pastor. Understand this and lead accordingly.
  • Second chair leaders must realize that they are not the leader; God has not placed them in the primary leadership role. Therefore trust what God is doing in that first chair leader, even if you disagree.
  • In the second chair role, when conflict arises, choose to affect what you can. Focus on the things that you can change, not those things you cannot.
  • There is something that God honors and blesses when people who are under God’s authority follow His leading.
  • What do you do after achieving a significant milestone like moving into a new building? How do you keep peoples’ focus on the mission, beyond just the means to accomplishing the mission?
  • Spend time with the Lord in reading the Bible, every day and keep a prayer list that keeps you focused.
  • Young leaders must know that you cannot skip over the next ten years of your life. You’re not ready for all that the Lord has for you and this season is training and preparation.
  • Let the Lord do what he wants to do in you, then wait for Him to bring the leadership to you.


Breakthrough resources: 

Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

Intimacy with the Almighty by Charles Swindoll

A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards

Dr. Nick Floyd serves as the Lead Teaching Pastor & Staff Leader for all four campuses of Cross Church Northwest Arkansas. He teaches weekly at the Fayetteville Campus. Nick received his Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University and his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He obtained his Doctor of Ministry degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Nick is married to Meredith, and the couple has four children.


Episode #7: Barrett Bowden

Episode #7: Barrett Bowden

Breakthrough ideas with Barrett: 

  • How can a church reach Christians who live in the city, from within the city, not just the suburbs?
  • True fulfillment as a Christ-following leader comes from a deep sense of two key understandings.
  • Why it is important to bring yourself back to your calling as a leader, not someone else’s.
  • It is hard to truly rest if people are constantly in contact, and what to do about it.
  • Every leader needs to know their symptoms of exhaustion and unkempt health.
  • The importance of every small group having direct contact with this person.
  • Marry Biblical Gospel rooted purpose with a vocational dream and people are not just looking for a job after school, they are being sent into a calling.
  • The big problem of never really casting vision beyond week-to-week ministry engagement.
  • How does the horizon storyline work and why is it important?
  • Learn the art of “purposed nothingness” and how this makes room for the Holy Spirit.
  • The one big idea to having a church of deep maturing disciples who are loving caring people reaching the lost.
  • Three things that, together, are the source of life and effectiveness in ministry.

Breakthrough resources from this episode:

Island Community Church

Zeal Without Burnout by Christopher Ash

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

God Dreams by Will Mancini

Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

Barrett Bowden is the pastor of Island Community Church, a young and thriving congregation in downtown Memphis. Barrett has a heart for leading the church to invest in its unique, urban context and to cultivate missional leaders with a heart for the nations. Barrett is married to Michelle, an adolescent pediatrician in the Memphis area, and they have one adorable daughter, Caroline Jane.


Episode #6: Talbot Davis

Episode #6: Talbot Davis

Breakthrough ideas with Talbot: 

  • Twitter is a great place to improve as a wordsmith because it forces clarity of communication.
  • It is possible for social media to make you a better pastor and leader.
  • Making diversity the cause only results in political correctness, so make Jesus the cause and let diversity be the result.
  • Bringing diversity to staff means writing every job description carefully and hiring intentionally.
  • Knowing who you are as a church, and who you are not, brings incredible focus to a church.
  • The consistency of visionary identity from church leadership brings confidence in missional activity from the body.
  • Setting people up for lots of small wins eventually results in large victory in Jesus.
  • Be clear about your expectations for hiring and set up systems of accountability.
  • Normalize the things of the church that used to be remedial: healing prayers, altar calls, and being awake to the Spirit.
  • There is a difference in being a charismatic church and a church with a lot of charismatic people in it.
  • Processes can hinder leadership; sometimes you just need to take risks on people.
  • When it comes to staff hiring and firing, long hellos and short goodbyes are best.
  • Develop your gifts and hire others that make up for your unavoidable shortcomings.
  • Work every day and you will get better at what you do.

Breakthrough resources from this episode: 

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

The Storm Before the Calm by Talbot Davis

Head Scratchers by Talbot Davis 

Crash Test Dummies by Talbot Davis

Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley

Talbot Davis is Pastor of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, a modern congregation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Talbot helps lead a talented group of pastors and support staff. Talbot makes sure everyone knows that he married well, and now has two adult children. A lifetime of playing tennis consistently shapes how he leads and thinks about the world. Talbot has published five books through Abington Press as resources for both life groups and preachers in training.


Episode #5: Eric Geiger

Episode #5: Eric Geiger

Breakthrough ideas with Eric:

  • Leadership transitions will always happen, but what actually makes succession a success?
  • Following God involves holding two conflicting emotions in tension: grieving what has been and anticipating what will be.
  • There will always be unfinished work. The “unconquered territory” reminds us the work is God’s not ours.
  • How can pastors keep their heart connected to the community they are called to reach?
  • In seasons of transition, caring for your family is as important as the mechanics of moving.
  • When it comes to your family don’t try to be perfect… just be ordinary. There is beauty in an ordinary marriage.
  • The demands of ministry will never be satisfied and making approval an idol will end in ruin.
  • People will always be disappointed in some part of your ministry; therefore slow down, care for your family, and play the long game.


Breakthrough resources from this episode:

Love Without Walls  by Laurie Beshore

CSB Bible

The Gospel Project

Insights Team Building Tool 

Designed to Lead by Eric Geiger & Kevin Peck

Simple Church by Eric Geiger & Thom Rainer

How to Ruin Your Life by Eric Geiger 

Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders

The Cross of Christ by John Stott

Auxano’s Leadership Pipeline

E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Eric Geiger is the Senior Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine, California. Before moving to Southern California, Eric served as senior vice-president for LifeWay Christian Services. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary. Eric has authored or co-authored several books including the best selling church leadership book, Simple Church. Eric is married to Kaye, and they have two daughters: Eden and Evie. During his free time, Eric enjoys dating his wife, taking his daughters to the beach, and playing basketball.


Episode #4: Todd Adkins

Episode #4: Todd Adkins

Breakthrough Ideas with Todd Adkins: 

  • There is a difference between just placing leaders in a role and actually developing leaders for ministry.
  • Great leaders are not just intuitive, they are highly intentional as well.
  • Systems, process, and structure are critical but the relationship moves people.
  • We can do leadership gatherings better by leveraging both technology and collaboration.
  • Stop training for the lowest common denominator in the room… raise the bar.

Breakthrough Resources in this Episode:

Systems Thinking

Building a Story Brand

The Power of Moments

When – The Art of Perfect Timing

Tim Ferris podcast w/ Daniel Pink


LifeWay Leadership Pipeline Conference

5 Leadership Questions Podcast

Todd Adkins is the Director of Leadership Development at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, TN. Prior to joining LifeWay, Todd worked in the local church in student ministry and as a campus and executive pastor. He has a background in launching strategic initiatives and web-based leadership development, and he’s passionate about helping churches create cultures of pipelines, leadership development, and training pathways for every role in the church. Since joining LifeWay, Todd has spearheaded the development of Ministry Grid, Lifeway’s dynamic leadership development platform, and written Developing Your Leadership Pipeline, a tool to aid church leaders in developing their people. He also hosts the 5 Leadership Questions and New Churches podcast and tweets #Leadership incessantly at @ToddAdkins.

Episode #3: Brady Cooper

Episode #3: Brady Cooper

Breakthrough Ideas with Brady Cooper:

  • To fight complacency in the church, we must stay hungry evangelistically.
  • Building a church culture that engages men, requires a shared value toward challenging men.
  • For his staff, the intentional discipleship of 2-3 other people is not up for negotiation.
  • Keeping your family healthy is your primary responsibility as a senior pastor.
  • Growing a thriving church can quickly produce a starving family, pastors can and should seek professional help.

Brady’s call to preach came during his days at Belmont College. After graduating from Belmont and later from Southern Seminary, he served New Vision Baptist Church as the youth pastor. Brady left for First Baptist Hendersonville and returned in 2003 to serve as New Vision’s Senior Pastor. The church has grown from 400 to 5,000 in weekly attendance over the last 15 years, with three campuses (one inside of a jail!). Most days off for Brady include hunting, fishing or enjoying a great ball game.

Breakthrough Resources:

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne

New Vision Outdoors 

RealTime Congregational Survey

Episode #2: Dave Rhodes

Episode #2: Dave Rhodes

Breakthrough Ideas with Dave Rhodes:

  • The physical location of your church and the mission of your church should be inseparable.
  • Moving to the fringe of the organization, instead of the center, empowers younger generations to step up and lead.
  • Boomers and Millennials CAN get along; however, each generation must take a different approach to the other.
  • You cannot multiply the church at the rate of possible opportunity, only at the rate of people development.
  • Are you working to rest or resting to rest? Why this matters.

Dave currently works as the Pastor of Discipleship and Movement Initiatives at Grace Fellowship Church and co-founder of Younique in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a sought-after speaker, writer, consultant, and coach. He is the co-founder of Wayfarer, former US Team leader for 3DM, and a collaborative partner for several other movement organizations specializing in discipleship, leadership, and mission.

Breakthrough Resources:

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

100 Movements


Church Unique by Will Mancini