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2_11: Jay Cull: Disciples are made through personal calling not church programming.

2_11: Jay Cull: Disciples are made through personal calling not church programming.

Breakthrough ideas with Jay: 

  • What does it look like to move from being a “church for the unchurched” to being a “church among the unchurched?”
  • How do we activate and motivate people where they live, work, and study and play to carry their faith beyond the church into neighborhoods and workplaces?
  • What does a shift from attractional to incarnational ministry look like?
  • We’ve been trying to answer the question in our services for a long time, “Is God relevant?” Now, we’re saying, “How can we help folks encounter God in our midst and carry that everywhere we go?”
  • So we’re not asking the question, “Is God relevant?” We’re asking the question, “Is God here?”
  • How can we encounter God in that space in our public gathering?”
  • To encounter God, those that lead and prepare all week or all month for that service have encounters with God, so it becomes an overflow expression.
  • “Hey, what if we relied on prayer first?” It was the tip of the mission.
  • But 30 minutes before service, we’ll gather and ask, “What do we sense God saying? What are the micro shifts for the day?”
  • If you are not well-prepared, you would not be able to receive the last minute micro-shifts from God.
  • When it comes to planning, if you don’t have something to deviate from, then everything’s a deviation and exhausting.
  • What happens when God’s presence is very tangible, palpable, and folks are finding freedom?
  • We realized that we are not used to experiencing the presence of God in such a tangible way in our services.
  • We’re doing the work to encounter God personally, and it’s spilling over into our services.
  • We’re trying to build this relational connection, not just with each other, but with the God that we’re serving.
  • We’ve been hardwired to be good at this connecting with God and people and doing it all simultaneously.
  • Praying is leadership. What if we prayed as if it’s our only resource?
  • We’re a well-resourced church in an upper class– we’ve got plenty of ideas. But let’s pray as if it’s our only resource
  • What we’ve tried to do is not just talk about it, but from the platform, help folks engage in a prayer practice.
  • We’ve begun to use the stage as a place of equipping.
  • When I’m talking to God, where can I go in my imagination? I mean, what does it look like?
  • We are deploying people from the room on Sunday to go and live their faith the other six days of the week in the different venues God has placed them.
  • We’ve elevated the stage to place people in spectator mode with their faith.
  • How do we change the stage from a place to watch, into a place of encounter? We facilitate a meeting that they can carry with them.
  • It has been amazing to help everyone get personal clarity.
  • The church is here to help accomplish what God wants to do in your life.
  • In the Younique process, we are helping the individual say, “Hey, how do I be a disciple that makes disciples different than the person next to me?”
  • How do we have a person who knows how to help many folks reproduce so we can have an exponential movement?
  • I want to activate healthy, Spirit-led reproductive leaders that lead communities that change communities. That’s what I want to get after.
  • Are we deploying people into their calling through this Younique process by helping them find their two words and attributing all the rest of the clarity to that?
  • We’ve taught people how to coach and disciple others. Younique happens to be a great process, a context to help folks become trainers.
  • In 30 seconds, what if I could get to the heart of what’s going on with my neighbor? And not because they have the same language, but because I understand how to get to their core.
  • Be a person of the Scriptures. Don’t just master them, let them master you.
  • Be a person of prayer. Learn how to have a conversation with God until just it’s normal.

Breakthrough resources in this episode:

Heartland Community Church

Fathered by God by John Eldredge

Younique: Designing the Life that God Dreamed for You by Will Mancini

Jay Cull leads as Pastor of NextGen/Missions at Heartland Community Church just outside of Kansas City, Kansas. His life calling is coaching leaders in toward breakthrough clarity to lead communities that change communities. Jay’s a former church planter, businessman turned pastor, coach and consultant.  He enjoys the outdoors, especially biking, hiking, and skiing, with his family – wife of 24 years and three adventurous children.

2_10: Will Mancini – The secret to maximizing every moment of your one and only life

2_10: Will Mancini – The secret to maximizing every moment of your one and only life

Breakthrough ideas with Will:

  • What is the process of designing the life that God dreamed of you?
  • What does it mean to be co-creators of your life, with God
  • Because we have been saved, we are not just freed from sin; we for living a life of good work.
  • God has a dream. And he has prepared specific good works for each person in that dream.
  • Yes, God has a plan, but part of that plan is you being actively involved in this design work of planning and being.
  • The life design idea is that you get to think about “Who am I?” “Who did God make me become?”
  • It is truly amazing when people take a little time to reflect on how much creativity, autonomy, and intentionality we can contribute, with God as the author of our story.
  • God does invite us, through Genesis 1, into the opportunity to think, reflect, design, prioritize, orient, goal-set for our lives.
  • Life design is stewardship of our one and only life.
  • A design only exists within a set of constraints. You cannot design without understanding how God is working. You look at how He has worked in the past and how He’s working in the present.
  • Holy Spirit indwells as one a design constraint in your life that makes beauty.
  • What do the tools of vision clarity look like for the individual?
  • The key to looking forward to your life is the ability to look backward. It’s like a golf swing, your follow-through is defined by your backswing.
  • The one problem YOUNIQUE solves for people: God has given you a special assignment created just for you. Understand and live it.
  • You cannot maximize your life with only a general sense of where you’re going.
  • Without margin, there is no imagination.
  • The church ought to be the hero members’ lives to give them great value and help release them in a journey of calling.
  • YOUNIQUE’s big dream: Every individual knows their special calling, and that happens through a local community of believers across the country.
  • What is debt freedom without personal calling? What is freedom from addiction without knowing what you’re free for?
  • What good comes from money in the bank if you don’t know how your calling  drives the stewardship of that money?
  • Churches are great at recruiting people to turn the widgets and move the dials and levers than need to keep the organization going and neglect the personal calling that produces passionate service.
  • If you aim it volunteerism, you’re guaranteed to burn people out. If you aim it special calling, you’ll never have a want for volunteers.
  • The church in America, North America, by and large, has lost its value proposition to the average believer. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  • The functional mission of the church in North America is going to all the world and make worship attenders, baptizing them in the name of small groups, and teaching and volunteer a few hours a month.
  • Part of what the local church must do is move from being teaching centers to becoming training centers.
  • God made you to be unique. God has given you a special assignment. Why spend another day, week, month, year of your life without knowing that and understanding that?
  • We are unlocking the imagination of individuals, opening the creativity of the church, together dreaming, the kind of stuff that we do at Younique.

Resources in this episode: 

The Life Younique Process 

Younique by Will Mancini

Church Unique by Will Mancini

God Dreams by Will Mancini