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15: Doug Paul – East End Fellowship, Richmond VA

15: Doug Paul – East End Fellowship, Richmond VA

Breakthrough ideas with Doug:

  • How does a church begin as an accidental church plant?
  • If the Kingdom of God were to come to your town, would it look like your church?
  • Is a church a church until they hold their first worship service?
  • How does a church formalize a public witness as the body of Christ gathered?
  • What is our discipleship model? Does it work? – Core questions for every church according to Dallas Willard.
  • What are the character and competencies of Jesus that are transferrable to every member of your church? Here is one church’s approach.
  • The Five Fold Skills of East End Fellowship – the core things that every church leader should know and do.
  • Everybody says we need to make disciples, but in the end, are they just promoting another class or programmatic event? We must move into the marks of a growing disciple.
  • We signed up for the revolution of the Kingdom of God, and somewhere along the way ended up running a church. Just ask Doug.
  • Very few people have experienced life on life disciple-making, much less most of our church leaders. Here’s why.
  • What prompted your pastoral calling to begin with? Was it running more programs or reaching and discipling more people?
  • Are your people taking spiritual responsibility for being and making disciples? These are.
  • What if your church “normal” was everyone growing in a disciple-making relationship?
  • How do leaders move out of a programmatic cycle of ministry administration and into a disciple-making rhythm of growth?
  • What would happen if your church members did what Jesus said to do?
  • As it turns out, Jesus is the best disciple maker who ever lived.
  • If a church is thriving and flourishing, it is always through a team more than one leader.
  • What happens when the mission of your church moves from being run as an organization to being owned by every member?
  • Are we about the image of God in everyone or just in those who are most comfortable for us to reach?
  • Saying no to a lot of what you used to say yes to improves missional effectiveness and fights volunteer burnout.
  • How do you contextualize the mission of God in your neighborhood? Here’s how one church does it.
  • What is the most natural next step for your community to become a part of the body of Christ? Is it necessarily attending a service on Sunday morning?
  • What are the most effective ministry vehicles to carry your vision?
  • Do you care more about Justice or Jesus? How the missional movement can seem to be sidetracked.
  • How do you live in the tension of the whole of the Gospel?
  • Fight for being as passionate about personal holiness as we are communal holiness. Be as moved about your sins as you are societies ills.
  • Are we as moved to comment about our sin as much as we do government and community?
  • Are you a church in reaction to something or conviction of something? Here’s the difference.
  • If we are looking at what the next generation will wrestle with in the gospel… it will be between social justice and personal conviction.
  • What does a diverse, urban church ministry to reaching the millennial generation look like?
  • What if everything that you do in ministry up until age 55 was training for ministry from ages 55 to 75?
  • Stop leading ministry as if you have something to prove and instead becoming living proof of the gospel.
  • Are you sharing the good news of Jesus or the good behavior of a church member?
  • Discipleship is not an option… it is central to the good news of Jesus.


Breakthrough resources in this episode:

EastEndFellowship Kickstart Resources    Password: NoPlanB

Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson


Doug currently helps pastor a team-led church in the inner city of Richmond, VA. He’s the former Global Strategy Director for 3DM, has planted a multiplying missional church, transitioned a mega-church, and was a Teaching Pastor and Multi-Site Director at a multi-site mega church.

Additionally, he has come alongside a myriad of businesses, non-profits, and churches. Doug specializes in re-brands, creating savvy marketing execution and bringing strategic business innovation to increase disciple-making effectiveness. He’s married to Elizabeth, a C-Suite advertising & brand executive for MullenLowe US. They have three precocious and joy-filled kids: Avery, Jude and Sam. And quite recently, they brought a Great Dane puppy into the family!


11: Cal Rychener – Northwoods Church, Peoria IL

11: Cal Rychener – Northwoods Church, Peoria IL

Breakthrough ideas with Cal:

  • What does church planting look like 30 years in?
  • How does a church move from program driven to presence driven after years of ministry success?
  • It’s possible to go deep with your weekend sermons and still be responsive to those who are not in a relationship with Christ.
  • If someone is visiting your church these days, they are looking for something meaningful, do not hold back on the presence of the Lord in worship.
  • Pastors, you can teach for maturity and still talk toward salvation.
  • Listen to your desert – when the desert is happening in your heart, the Lord wants to teach you there.
  • You can be a balanced church in the Word and the Spirit.
  • It is possible to be charismatic without being weird.
  • Never be without a swing coach, you need somebody who knows what you don’t and sees what you can’t.
  • We are the only church in the world that has our mission statement, and that is how it should be.
  • Your mission should roll off your tongue with excitement and speak life in every word.
  • What does it look like when a church truly believes Jesus came to break the chains that are still holding you?
  • Is there life in every word and passion in every syllable when you speak the mission?
  • Leadership gets tough when you are not clear on the mission that God has called you to.
  • Why is it important to have your team in the room when developing the vision, isn’t it easier to do it on your own?
  • What does visionary collaboration look like?
  • Collaboration builds a team that will fight for your values and your culture, not just own it because they are told to or paid to.
  • We shouldn’t be afraid of surfacing the misalignment on the team.
  • Don’t be afraid to find out if you have someone on the team who doesn’t share the vision.
  • What does it mean to cast your faith forward and your fear backward?
  • In staff transitions or seasons of change, the tendency is to cast our fear forward instead of casting our faith forward.
  • Your fears can keep you stuck.
  • Making the church planting shift – here’s one pastor who would instead look back at 20 pastors he raised than 20 locations that lower a screen.
  • What is the difference between a church planter and a campus pastor?
  • What happens when the multisite model becomes an obstacle to pastoring in the local context?
  • What might a hybrid model of church planting and multisite campusing look like?
  • Be who you are not who someone else is. Do not deny who God has called you to be.
  • Spend time with the Lord in personal practice, not pastoral theory.
  • If you were not a pastor, would you still live as you live?
  • Refuse to sacrifice your family to lead your church.
  • Are you the same person at home than you are on the stage?
  • Live out of your heart what God has called you to live and your legacy will take care of itself.

Breakthrough resources in this episode: 

Northwoods Community Church

God Dreams by Will Mancini

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

The Hour That Changes the World by Dick Eastman

Originally from Archbold, Ohio, Pastor Cal Rychener graduated from Fort Wayne Bible College and went on to earn a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In addition to his love for the local church, Cal has two other great passions. First and foremost are his wife Susan and their family: Kathryn, Andy, Avery, Madilyn and Blake Rogers; Jonathon, Michaela, Arianna and Joanna Rychener; Victoria and Kody Pinson; and Nathan Rychener. Running a distant second is his love for the Green Bay Packers, for whom he has been a guest chaplain. He has been the senior pastor of Northwoods Community Church since its beginning in 1990. Cal is also the author of the books Living at a Higher Level of Faith and God Can.