19: Chad Keck – FBC Kettering, OH

19: Chad Keck – FBC Kettering, OH

Breakthrough ideas with Chad: 

  • It is possible to out-envision your vision by building and buying too much.
  • How do you lead when your available ministry budget is less than 5%?
  • How do you lead active ministry when there are no resources?
  • Relationships and caring for people do not require a lot of money.
  • What might God do If you set aside substantial time to pray every Sunday?
  • What if prayer in your worship services was more than just a transition?
  • What if prayer in your staff and congregation was more than something you did and was something you are?
  • Prayer turns the mentality of your church from “what can we do?” to “what can God do?”
  • Instead of asking why did God allow this? What if you asked, “what is God doing in this?”
  • The great commission does not call us to “Go and Build Buildings.”
  • Inward focus distracts from your outward calling.
  • Until the problems of who is not here become a greater focus than the preferences of who is already here you will starve the Great Commission.
  • When it seems like every obvious clue says no way, sometimes the Spirit says go anyway.
  • There is no church that God is not big enough to revive.
  • You can only play the “…because I’m the pastor” card once.
  • Trust is built by being transparent and deal directly and honestly with critical issues.
  • Your church has a functional mission, survival, making a budget, building a building.
  • It doesn’t cost anything to train people and become a more welcoming church.
  • Does your structure help you accomplish the mission or does it stand in the way of your mission?
  • When is it time to change your structure from committees to elders?
  • In most cases, you will struggle to out-give an overbearing debt but you can out-grow the debt by making disciples.
  • Whether you’ve incurred or inherited an overwhelming debt, reaching and making disciples impacts more than campaigning.
  • Nothing inspires people about getting out of debt, but life change moves hearts and minds.
  • It doesn’t cost any money to make a couple of calls and recruit volunteers to welcome THIS SUNDAY.
  • Embracing the outsider with hospitality is reaching people as Jesus commanded.
  • There is a way out, no matter the size debt or challenges, God is bigger than those moments.
  • Stick with what God has planted in your heart – when He called you to the church, God knew what the problems were even if you didn’t.
  • Own your mistakes and be honest – genuinely love your people, and they will love you back.
  • Practice tactical patience, you don’t have to get involved in every situation.
  • God will honor faithfulness – He loves your church more than you do
  • Is there a difference in giving God your “first time” versus your “best time” every day?
  • Why is it important to be gentle and friendly with those you disagree with?
  • How do you shift from assuming the worst in disagreement to thinking the best in someone?

Breakthrough resources:

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Piper

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

I Am a Church Member by Thom Rainer


Chad Keck currently serves as the Senior Pastor of FBC Kettering, OH. He is married to Candace, and they have four children; Hadley, Shepherd, John, and Calvin. Chad also is an adjunct professor at Cedarville University and works for the Executive Committee of the SBC as a Cooperative Program Catalyst. He loves to snow ski, read, and travel.

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